Good Professionals are Hard to Find

29 May


I contacted someone for a wireless internet card on Saturday.  I only needed it for one the One Million Mentor tour that I did not blog live from last night.  He said he could help.  He asked me for the location of the venue.  I told him. He said that he was going to go to the venue to see if the card worked. I did not hear back from him, so I called after 5:00 yesterday.  He then decided to tell me that it was not able to get into the venue, and asked how soon was I going to be there.  Well, I was told to be there at 6:00 p.m., so, I was on my way out.

His next statement was completely mind-blowing.  This guy tells me, “Next time give me more notice…” I didn’t hear anything else after that because that was the dumbest statement ever. Was not four days sufficient? I called you on Saturday for a need five days away.

If you need that type of notice, I guess I’ll have to find another provider. What if I needed a card within 4 hours? He’s obviously not the person I would go to.  Especially after this incident.

The people I work with probably think I’m crazy, but I will do everything to keep them because of their professionalism.  I would go absolutely nuts without Marc Moran (graphic designer), Nile Flores (web designer & WordPress Guru)…I can’t think of everybody else right now, but I know I can’t live without those two.


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