Innocent Man Wrongfully Sentenced to Death – This is NOT New News

9 May

I received a forwarded e-mail message about this man who was wrongly sentenced to death for killing a police officer.  Check out his story below.

Troy DavisOn June 30, an innocent man will be given a second chance.

In 1991, Troy Davis was sentenced to death for allegedly killing a police officer in Savannah, Georgia. There was no physical evidence tying him to the crime, and seven out of nine witnesses recanted or contradicted their testimony.
He was sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit. But it’s not too late to change Troy’s fate.

We just learned today that Troy has been granted an evidentiary hearing — an opportunity to right this wrong.

This sounds a lot like the black men who were lynched for crimes that were not proven after emancipation in the late 1800s and early 1900s according to Ida B. Wells.

The e-mail goes on to say: “Troy Davis may just be one man, but his situation represents an injustice experienced by thousands.”

This is nothing new in history.  In fact, the authors of The Reason Why the Colored American is Not in the World’s Columbian Exposition edited by Robert W. Rydelland originally written by Ida B. Wells, Frederick Douglass, Irvine Garland Penn, Ferdinand L. Barnett quote statistics from the Chicago Tribune, 1892.  They shared the number of Negroes murdered by the mob and the crimes for which they were charged.  The two main crimes were rape and murder.  They even said that many of the charges against the people were unfounded.  The people wanted someone to be held accountable and any black man would do.

This is not surprising.  As stated above, there are thousands of people like Troy Davis who are wrongly charged and sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

Clearly, the legal system does not work.   What I want to know is: what’s being done to correct these injustices?

One last thing, visit to sign the petition if you believe he is innocent


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