Change A Comin’ Soon

23 Apr


I have decided to change a few things in my writing and blogging ventures.

First, I am going to revamp The Write Design Website, logo and blog.   The blog will share stories that will turn into a book.  I haven’t determined the topic yet, but that is my goal.

I have plans to start my TV Show to correspond to Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource over the summer.  There is some planning and learning to do.  I had a thought today.  Instead of waiting for the summer to begin, I can start stories now and put them on my YouTube Channel.  Duh!  I’ll be hitting the streets in May.

As Not Seen on TV has been neglected lately, but I know there is a lot I can share on it.  Still trying to determine topics I’m passionate about to keep the blog flowing.   I really want to stay on race and media so I’ll probably pull   topics from The Black Image in the White Mind. Even though the book is 10 years old, I am certain the topics are still relevant.

I’m so excited about my progress and the changes that are coming.


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