Why Isn't the Bullying at South Hadley School Receiving National Attention Like the Beating at Fenger High School?

30 Mar

Derrion Albert

You’re probably thinking, “You can’t compare the brutal beating of Fenger H.S. student Derrion Albert  to the death of Phoebe Prince, a freshman at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts.” No, I can’t compare the ways these two young people died unnecessarily.  Both were tragic. I can, however, highlight how the bullying at South Hadley is not receiving the attention that it should.

The video of Derrion Albert should had been, and was given, the media attention it deserved.   But I do wonder, had the beating not been recorded, would it had received any media attention?

Phoebe Prince

Today was the first day I had heard about Phoebe.  Apparently,  she killed herself in January after being bullied to death, literally.  Nine teens have been indicted for bullying her via text messages, on Face Book, and in person since September 2010.  According to  a Chicago Tribune report, “School officials won’t be charged, even though authorities say they knew about the bullying and that Phoebe’s mother brought her concerns to at least two of them.”  Talking about adding insult to injury.

According a story on the Boston Globe blog, “One girl was interviewed on camera, and she said what was common knowledge: that bullies were stalking the corridors of South Hadley High.

As soon as the TV crew was out of sight, one of the Mean Girls came up and slammed the girl who had been interviewed against a locker and punched her in the head.”

So, why hasn’t this issue been given more national attention?

“The Mean Girls are pretty, and popular, and play sports.” – Boston Globe


“South Hadley is a nice, comfortable middle-class suburb that hugs the Connecticut River nearby and a certain attitude.”

Hey, I’m just asking.


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