Black Tween Idol Needed

29 Mar

A Black Tween Idol between the ages of 10 – 13 is needed.  I would do it myself, but… On second thought, let me think about this.

I have an 11-year-old sister who listens to Radio Disney and watches Disney movies, High School Musical and all that other good stuff for young people.  It is disappointing to see the lack of Black faces and voices on these media outlets. And, the the only two African Americans I can think of – Raven Symone and KeKe Palmer – are closer to adulthood than tween years. Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers and many of the singers on Disney are beyond these pre-pubescent years, too.

Tween Idol Needed

While I am not mad about their success on any level, I’m just saying that it would be great to see people who look like my little sister, who are are the same age with as my little sister, and who share the same interests as her.

Since it will probably be a lot to ask mainstream media networks to do it without them selling our babies out on some level, I guess this is a project I may have to take on myself. I have NO idea about the entertainment industry, but for the sake of maintaining their innocence and sanity, I may just have to it.

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how I can get a couple talented tween idols, let me know.


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