Marcie’s Writing Challenge

13 Mar

Marcie's writing challenge

I am have been working on my story about music industry guru, George Daniels, for at least three days with at least six re-writes.  This is sooooooo challenging.  Our interview lasted about 2.5 hours, and I got so much information.  The problems is, I want to use it all but I have a 400-word limit.  This story will be done tomorrow, but I need my writing genius to kick in – real quick.

I wanted it done yesterday, but I still had about 1,000 words.  Right now, I’m at about 550.  Tomorrow, it will be done with 399 words or less.

Here’s something funny. During our interview he said that we needed at least four more days.  Can you imagine the issues I would have if I had four days of Mr. Daniels and 400 words?  I would write a decent story, but I would be in a great state of devastation trying to come up with theme.

Well, let me get to reducing my story.  AGAIN!


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