Totally False Vision: Thin Is NOT In

4 Mar

Victoria's Secret Ad

I am not hating on these beautiful women at all, but no adult I know personally is this skinny.  This is an unhealthy type of skinny.  As my friend, Demond, would say, “They need a buffet.”

According to an article in Netscape Home & Living,

“The fashion industry assumes these standard measurements for a woman: 35-inch bust, a 27-inch waist, and 37.5-inch hip. In the real world, women ages 36 to 45 actually average:

White: 41-34-43

Black: 43-37-46

Hispanic: 42.5-36-44

Asian: 41-35-43”

Even though this article mentions women ages 36 – 45, I’ve seen teenagers exceed the standards mentioned above.  I digressed.

Getting back to the original topic.  The skinny women in this ad do not accurately reflect the women in society.  And, healthy, shapely women may not be seen on TV because they may be viewed as fat by media and fashion industry representatives .

To my readers, please know that thin is not in, but healthy lifestyles are.


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