On Writing Well

15 Feb

On Writing Well

I went back to my book, On Writing Well by William K. Zinsser, and it emphasizes what I’ve already know but have been afraid to do: to put myself in it.  That is the essence of everything I need to do.

I am being over-dramatic about finding topics for The Write Design blog.  How about I just write about simple every day things, and make them pertain to writing and communications?  Yeah, I’ll do that.  Even though this is a business blog, everybody can relate to simple every day things.

Let me brainstorm here. How about a post on writing notes and sticking them on the refrigerator? Or, count the times someone says “like” or “ya know” in a 2 minute period. A great post would remind people to actually use the phone instead of e-mail or Facebook.

I have gained a great level of annoyance with people’s overuse of technology to communicate instead of calling over the past seek.  One person wanted rates for editing.  I called so we could discuss the rates because “they” said “they” needed info that day.  I e-mailed  “them” my rates, “they” liked them, and responded, “Let’s meet.” Yes,  all over email.  This could have been a lost opportunity had I not checked my messages this weekend, which is not something I normally do.  Especially since I left my telephone number to call.

The second person communicates through Facebook. “They” wanted to schedule a meeting to discuss a writing project. Since it seems like our schedules keep conflicting, I asked “them” if “they” wanted to Skype. “They” are not familiar with it.  Cool. “They” sent another message asking for my e-mail address to send me something. I gave my e-mail address along with my cell phone number.  I’ll see how this will work.

Ok, I digressed.  However, I have at least five story topics for my blog.  So, I guess I can get to writing now.

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