People of Color with HIV/AIDS Not Seen on TV

9 Feb

Student holding help sign

In January, I wrote a story African American Women with HIV/AIDS Are Not Seen on TV because I felt that Black women are virtually ignored by mainstream media in general.  Just look at TV shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox; blockbuster films; and TV commercials. They are NOT there.

Anyway, I received a press release from Carol Ash, 5 a.m. Producer on NBC 5 – Chicago, about the “Color of AIDS” Campaign that is taking place between February 7 – February 12, 2010.  Two of the journalists quoted confirmed what I shared in my story:

According to Chris Pena, Assistant News Director:
“We are excited about this opportunity to shed light on an issue that is often overlooked, but affects such a large number of people in our community.”

Zoraida Sambolin, NBC-5 news anchor observed:
“This is something many people don’t talk about.  HIV/AIDS does not get the attention it used to and it certainly isn’t covered in communities of color….”

Even though the two news people were referring to people of color in general, the fact that African American women account for over 50% of the newly reported HIV/AIDS cases needs to be publicized more.  Their health should be as important as the next person’s.

Maybe this is an assignment: to make sure African Americans with HIV/AIDS are seen on TV.


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