Marcie's Views on Race & Media in America

2 Feb

Race in America

Let me begin by saying that I think that almost everything that happens in America is based on black and white.  I’m not a rebel; I am a realist.  And most of my opinions are based on my reality.

The American media has very interesting ways of creating bonds and divisions based on these two colors.  For the most part, divisions are caused by certain imagery; words used to describe the actions of a group; and other not-so-obvious words and actions by people who control the cameras and thought processes of their audience.

Why am I sharing this? Mostly because I need to kick off topics for As NOT Seen on TV.  Secondly, many people do not realize the power the media has over them until they turn the TV off for an extended period of time and discover that they can actually think on their own.

On a different note…I am so glad President Barack Obama is in office.  Not because he’s black; but because his mere position as a black leader is revealing huge levels of racism that was once kept hidden.  I love it!

While it is disappointing to know how much racism still exists in the 21st century, it is good to know these negative feelings are out in the open.  True feelings are surfacing and cannot be taken back.  And, if race relations do not improve, at least everything is out in the open.

Another great thing about racism being revealed is that a lot of it is being recorded.   So, no, it cannot be taken back.

I said all of that to say that many of my topics about mainstream media will be spurred by my reality of black and white.  Oh, it is coming from a female perspective, too.  Please don’t get offended; let’s engage in mature adult conversation.

If you dislike mainstream media practices as much as I do, feel free to comment.  If you love what they are doing, you are equally welcome.

Let the discussions begin!


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