Waiting for Disney to Create A Black Prince?

26 Jan

The Princess and the Frog

While reading comments about The Princess and the Frog controversy on MovieFone, someone wanted to know when Disney was going to create a black prince. Apparently, this person was serious.

Let’s exam a couple things.

First, Disney created his first cartoon in 1923.  They presented their first black princess for all to see in 2009, which is approximately 87 year since his humble beginnings.  It doesn’t seem like black characters are a priority to this company.

Second, why wait for Disney? There are opportunities abound, and this seems like a possibility.  Actually, it’s really needed with all of the issues going on in “urban” communities (“urban” is a different discussion on a different day).  Anyway, why wait for a company that could obviously care less about you to create something for you?

So, all I’m saying is, if you want a black prince, create it yourself.  If you can’t draw, find someone who can.  If you want a cartoon, find a student in an animation class to help you.  Heck, you can probably find a 10 year old with decent drawing skills to make this happen. Why wait for Disney?

One last note, hurry up and create it. I could not find an appropriate image to go along with this post.  I only found Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. Hence the need for a black prince.

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