Black Women Aren't the Only Single Ladies

25 Jan


According to the above video, 42% of Black women are not married; there is very little hope of them marrying a Black Man; and over 70% of professional Black women with letters  behind their names do not have M.R.S. in front of their names.

Check out what Demetria Lucas of Essence Magazine shared in her commentary, The Black Men Shortage.

“You know what else I wondered? Where are the news stories about White girls and Latinas and Asian ladies who can’t find a good man? Don’t they have issues too? Cause the ones I know are in my single boat, rowing around the Hudson River with me and looking for love too. There’s this entire fictional franchise called “Sex and the City” (maybe you’ve heard of it?) dedicated to White women’s search for love in Manhattan that women of all colors flock to in droves because its relatable. You know why it’s relatable?  Because 51% of American women are living without a husband, i.e: they are single.  This is the first time in American history that more women are single than married. Fifty-one percent of Latina woman are unmarried, so are 45% of non-Hispanic White women, and 41% of Asian women.”

I have two thoughts on this issue.  First, I would like to thank Demetria Lucas for sharing this information.  She made my work so much easier.

Second, to mainstream media sources, it would be great if you would share stories about all races and nationalities, not just Black people.  If Black women looked to media sources to define themselves, theywould be sorely outta luck.

Outside of news personalities, there are very few positive images on television shows. You see the same few great Black actresses on the big screen. And, we can count the number of Black people in commercials on two hands.

Also, contrary to what you see on TV, Black women are not video vixens; they do have executive level positions and own their own businesses; and reality TV shows are not truly their reality.

I said all of that to say, in spite of new reports about single Black women that are seen on TV, please know that Black women are not the only single ladies.


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