Thoughts on Blagojevich's Comment about President Obama

13 Jan


Former Illinois Governor Rodney Blagojevich is in the news AGAIN! Apparently, Blago feels he’s was “blacker than Obama,” because “I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment.”  Yeah, I really feel his “blackness” with one.

I’m not mad about what Blago said about President Obama because his history shows that he basks in media attention. Even he thinks his statement was stupid.  I am mad, though (figuratively speaking), that the media fed into his madness, and are still reporting it.

Here are my thoughts on Blago.

Why is the media giving this guy so much attention?  While I understand he was a recently terminated long-time elected official who did a pretty decent job (well, I think he did, anyway).  Right now, he ain’t got no job, and has nothing but time to sit up and think of ways to get the media circus going.  Since his attempt as a reality TV star did not work out, he had to come up with a Plan B.  Or, is this Plan E?  Either way, he watched the news and other shows to figure out how to get the attention he wanted.  This was relatively easy since the media circus is always looking for tricks, no matter how ridiculous.

I personally think the primary ways he could get attention these days are:

  1. Kill somebody.  Everyone knows “if it bleeds, it leads.”
  2. Have an affair.  Patti would kill him, so he would actually be the lead story.
  3. Crash the White House for any reason.  Definitely not original.
  4. Or, talk about President Obama in some fashion, particularly race. Bingo!

Since the first two options would remove him from the spotlight for good, and the third may land him in a jail cell with Drew Peterson since it was not an original act of stupidity, that only left option number four.  Why not join the ranks of Senator Harry Reid and all the other politicians who feel that it’s ok to talk about the color and race our Commander in Chief?  At least he didn’t use “Negro” in reference to President Obama.

Anyway, since I am not traditional media, I have given Blago enough of my time and attention. Therefore, I am done.


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