1st Annual Cancer Awareness Skate-A-Thon Fundraiser

19 Oct
Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Cake

Cancer Awareness Fundraiser Cake

On Saturday, October 17, 2009, over 150 roller skaters packed Glenwood Roller Rink in Glenwood, Illinois to support the first annual Cancer Awareness Skate-a-thon Fundraiser.

Jo Oladeinde, Visionary & Cancer Survivor

Jo Oladeinde, Visionary & Cancer Survivor

Jo Oladeinde, the visionary behind the event, shared that “the thought [for the event] was placed on my heart.” That was in September.  After approximately six weeks of planning and preparation, her vision came to life.  However, she was not alone in her efforts.

She shared her idea with a young lady who felt her passion for the cause, and her team grew from there.  The following individuals contributed to the successful event: Wildred Bennett, Melissa Harris, Rochelle Hudson, Darlene McGee-Roberts, Anita Roberts, and Shawn Swanigan.

What was behind Jo’s motivation for putting so much passion and effort toward the fundraiser in such a short period of time?  She is a cancer survivor who completed chemotherapy on March 5, 2009.  To ensure that other people have a better understanding of the causes and effects of cancer, all proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward cancer education.

Jo was very pleased with the results of the fundraiser, and plans to hold more cancer awareness skate-a-thons in the future.

Manly Men Who Wore Pink Shirts

Manly Men Who Wore Pink Shirts


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