As NOT Seen on TV Business Plan Update

4 Oct

My business is complete.  I am just awaiting feedback from the three counselors who helped me at the Women’s Business Development Center in Chicago.  I have to give much love to Meg Herman, Erica King, and Sylvia Wynn.  They have worked with me throughout this entire process, a whopping six weeks.  I KNOW I am going to win first place because of their support. 

The original deadline of October 1st was moved to October 9th. I wanted my plan submitted on Friday, October 2nd, but Erica told me to hold off until I received feedback.  As soon as I get word from those three ladies, my plan is so outta here! I cannot wait.

I am really proud of myself.  Not only did I start my business plan, I finished it.  And, I can honestly say that I have grown tremendously since I first received word about the contest six weeks ago.

One more thing, I have drafts of my Shorty and Write Design Company business plans.  I know that my projects seem like a lot, but I’m good.  As long as I don’t have to work for other people, I can make some stuff happen.

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