Interview with Marc Moran

22 Aug

The Conqueror & Conqueris, the graphic novel by Marc Moran, was featured in May of this year.  Now, As NOT Seen on TV is pleased to introduce Marc Moran, the creator of this ingenius work.

Marc Moran, creator of Conqueror and Conqueris

Marc Moran, creator of Conqueror and Conqueris

1. How did you get the idea for the Conqueror & Conqueris?
In 2005 I contemplated doing a new comic book.  The idea to have male and female characters seemed best. Then, the idea to make them teens seemed like the best way to make the characters’ lives more interesting and dramatic.

2. Who is your primary audience for your book?
The book is written in the style of the classic Marvel comics of the past. I would say my main audience would probably be six- or eight-year-olds due to the text. There are a few big words or “Sci-Fi” words that some young readers may need a dictionary for. Words like cataclysmic, extraterrestrial, and ominous, etc.  But I think that is good because when I started “reading” comic books at 10 years old (instead of just looking at the pictures), I had to look up the meaning of words I didn’t understand which helped improve my reading and vocabulary at the time.

3. Is it based on a true story?
No, the story is one I developed.  I wanted to have a story that had plot twists, drama, emotion, and plenty of action with a dramatic climax.

4. What do you want your audience to gain by reading your book?
That God can help them overcome any situation they face.  The two main characters overcome their battles with killer robots, super villains, death machines, etc.  But as two ordinary teens, they overcome gang violence, peer-pressure, struggles with grades, and other issues teens face today.  Just as the two heroes overcome their trials and tribulations,  readers can grasp that they can overcome theirs, too.

5. Do you think this will be an animated cartoon in the future?
That’s in the Lord’s hands.  If God opens a door and shows me that a cartoon or movie can be a medium that can bless, entertain, and inspire thousands, I’ll seize such an opportunity.

6. I saw that you did everything for the book – the writing, graphics, inking – everything.  How do you feel about the finished product?  

Artists are sometimes real picky about their work. Sometimes I don’t like looking at it because I’ll see a minor mistake here or there. I may see a spot where I should have used a different color, changed a camera angle, or added more shading. That’s just the “artistic” self-critiquing side of me running wild. All in all, the Lord really blessed, and I’m thrilled that he gave me the means to complete this project. I’m very satisfied with the way it turned out.

7. In addition to graphics arts, what else do you do?
I work a typical 9 to 5 job during the day and am very active in my church.

8. Do you have formal training in comic writing and production?
No, the only training I had was “hands-on” from making up comics back when I was in grammar school, and continuing with different ideas in high school and college. My only formal training came from taking a screenwriting class in college, which taught me plots, story telling, and character development.  The production experience came from working with others when we self-published a couple of comics back in the 80s and 90s.

9. How do you plan to sell and market your self-published book?

I plan to do this via the internet. The book is available on ,, and on  It’s also available at the Saving Grace bookstore inside of Apostolic Church of God on 63rd and Dorchester in Chicago as well as the Underground bookstore located at 1727 E. 87th Street.   I am still contacting other bookstores. and promoting the book at various comic book conventions. 


 To purchase books and to learn more about The Conqueror and Conqueris, visi t  Marc Moran can be reached at Overcomer Creations,  Well done, Marc!


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