What the Hell is Hip Hop Skate???

17 Aug

While watching WGN news this morning, they showed two young white men at the Orbit Skate Center in Palatine doing “Hip Hop Skate.”  Well, I was offended as a journalist and skater for two reasons:

1. What the hell is hip hop skate??  It was JB skating!

2. It is my understanding that JB style of skate was created in the Black community, and no Black people were featured.

AND, the news people would probably never come to Rich City, 76th Street, Glenwood, The Rink or Markham Roller Rink to cover such a story.

I put the word out for video clips or links to videos of up to three minutes to show the real essence JB Skate.  So, JB skaters, send them to me so I can dispel the term “Hip Hop Skate,” and show the world how it’s really done.

If I can get a clip of the video or link to the story from WGN, I will post it.  I’m still looking for it.

2 Responses to “What the Hell is Hip Hop Skate???”

  1. HeelShields September 19, 2009 at 4:09 pm #


    Wish I was more informed, however, what is “JB Skating?”

    • Marcie September 19, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

      JB skating involves fancier footwork, more rolling on the toes or heels and requires a lot more energy and balance than regular session skating.

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