Rants and Quotes from The Black Image in The White Mind

1 Aug

Although the purpose of the site is to promote positive stories, messages, and images, I am going to give it a little twist with my rants.  Some will be nice, some will not.  Generally speaking, the topics will be something going on in the media or the lack of truth in reporting that is getting to me.  I’ll start it out, and see how it goes.  The only thing I can do is try.

Also, I will share quotes from book The Black Image in the White Mind: Media & Race in America.  Although there are stereotypical images and messages shown on TV, authors Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki actually quantified data to show how the media played an integral role in race relations.  I don’t want people to think I’m an angry African American woman (as portrayed in the media) with some of my comments.  I do want my readers to know that I am highly pissed and disappointed at the way minorities and women are portrayed in media, and some of my comments will reflect as such.  While I don’t have the money to own a television station at this time in my life (although that’s not a bad idea), I do have the power of my blog.

Oh, you may also find me sharing information about shows I’ve seen, information I’ve read or something I encountered that portrayed minorities and women in a negative light (if at all), or was not true as reported.

Let me know if you want to rant, too.  I’ll set you up as a contributor on the site.  Happy reading!


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