There is a Place in the Journalism World for Me

26 Jun

We have had several prominent journalists to retire and/or die in Chicago recently which makes room for other journalists to come behind them.  While I’m not really trying to do broadcast, I do see those openings as opportunities for me – if only as a writer.  I’m making my name in the journalism (and blogging) world slowly but surely.

Actually, I am working on making a place in the journalism, online (excluding blogging), blogging, cartoon, public speaking, apparel (t-shirts) and creative writing worlds.  There are a few more places I’d like to make my name, but I can’t speak of those right now.  They are still in progress. I just want to be known as a creative genius no matter how big or small the project, online and off.  I want the cashflow and the good name to go with all that I do.


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