Chicago Connections Disappoints

16 Jun

I am working on a story about the African American beauty industry.   Currently, I am focusing on hair.  Chicago has a large number of sources for me.  Do you know that I have only been able to get help from Ms. Clawson at Dudley’s Beauty College?  And I truly appreciate it. 

I reached out to a magazine, and the editor may or may not respond.  While I understand that “they” are very busy, it doesn’t look too good professionally.  Especially when there was an offer of help.  Then, I have been trying to obtain information from a professional organization for a couple months now, and I still have not received a response.  What annoys me about this situation is that all “they” have to say is that they do not want to help instead of not responding at all.

All is not lost.  I have been making great strides with California connections.  They have been more than helpful, and I hope that I can deliver sooner than I hope.  I thank everyone who has assisted.

Despite it all, the lack of cooperation from the people in Chicago is very, very, very disappointing.

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