Pick Up Conqueror & Conqueris, A New Graphic Novel

29 May
 Conqueror and Conqueris by Marc Moran

Conqueror and Conqueris by Marc Moran

Conqueror & Conqueris is a new 144 page graphic novel created by Marc Moran. He did the entire book himself – the writing, artwork, inking, lettering – everything. He even published his own work! I had to show love to Marc as the creator of all of my Shortys. He is also working on my logo for AS NOT SEEN ON TV. It is truly an honor to give back to this talented young man.

Following is little bit about his novel. Click here to Learn more about the book and characters at web.me.com/conquerors. Purchase it from Amazon for 14.99.

About Conqueror & Conqueris

Conqueror & Conqueris are Malcolm & Melanie Mason: Two teenagers who struggle with living in Da-‘hood, School work, Fussy Parents, Peer Pressure, but most of all… fighting super-villains. Their Christian faith is put to the ultimate test as they strive to overcome their unique trials and tribulations as teen-crime fighters.

Malcolm is a laid back brother. He’s got a cool rep in the halls at his high school, but he still has to deal with a couple of thuggish dudes or bullies every now and then. However, his school work suffers while he’s unable to balance his time as a super hero and high school student.

Melanie is a sweet, innocent sweetheart. She’s also an “A” student who attends the same high school as Malcolm, but doesn’t have as many friends as he does. Also she’s constantly picked on by many of the wild, fast … “Bad-Girls” at school. Her grades begin to suffer, too, while trying to balance her time between being a super hero and studying.

Additionally, their lives as superheroes are filled with many challenges. Malcolm, the “Conqueror”, has difficulty controlling his aggression against hostile attackers, villains, and criminals. He has to learn to use strategy instead of just brute force. Melanie, on the other hand, is such a sweetheart, but learns that she can’t be sweet and lovable on the battle field as “Conqueris”. She occasionally succumbs to fear when facing treacherous odds due to her innocence. So she has to muster up courage when she gets into a perilous fight.

Despite their many imperfections as young super-powered crime-fighters, Conqueror & Conqueris strive to excel. They say they’re “more than conquerors,” but are they? The answer can be found in the 144-page graphic novel that’s filled with drama, action, and suspense.


2 Responses to “Pick Up Conqueror & Conqueris, A New Graphic Novel”

  1. Marc May 29, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    Much thanks to my sista’ Marcie for “helping a brother out” on his endeavors!!!! 😉

    • Marcie May 29, 2009 at 10:06 pm #

      Many blessings to you. I pray that sales for the Conquerer & Conqueris exceeds $1 million dollars before the end of this year.

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