Be Sexy, Get Fit with Good Gyrrls

26 May


Relana speaks to a gathering of ladies from the ultimate prop - a pole!

Relana speaks to a gathering of ladies from the ultimate prop - a pole!




The seed planted to create Good Gyrrls, the brainchild of founder and owner Relana Johnson, was a simple one – needing a way to pay for graduate school. She has turned that need into a business that caters to the sensual inner workings for ladies of all shapes and sizes. The only requirement – check your inhibitions at the door.

How’d she get there? Well, if you entered a graduate program and your cohorts told you that you couldn’t work – you’d probably trip. Not Ms. Johnson. She had to think quickly.

“By trade I’m a graphic designer,” begins Johnson, who currently works as an art director for a book publishing company. “I didn’t have the nest egg; I didn’t have the house that I could sublet.” Like the rest of us, she needed to work!

Johnson took an exotic dance class on the North Side of Chicago just for fun. While visiting a sensual toy party, she demonstrated some moves she’d learned in class. This impromptu lesson covered striptease, sexy walking and crawling. It also watered the seed that would become Good Gyrrls.

“One lady was so excited, she wanted me to come and teach a class. I started to do my research on it, and took some additional classes to learn how to empower women.”

So how do you become one who “empowers” women? Well, this is not a business where you can call up your nastiest homegirl and ask her to show you some moves. Save that for your sista-girl get-togethers, and leave the real dancing and teasing to a PRO!

Ms. Johnson has a formal dance background in Latin, jazz, belly dancing, ballet and West African dance – just to name a few. She also earned certifications in both CPR and group fitness from World Instructor Training School.

From her simple beginnings of being a staff of one, she currently has a team of nine. I know what you are thinking ladies: are there any men teaching any of these classes? Well, there is one – Antwain Hicks. He helps to keep ladies in line! What I mean is, he teaches line dancing of every variety at Good Gyrrls.


Antwain Hicks gets Good Gyrrl students in line.

Antwain Hicks gets Good Gyrrl students in line.

Just a bit about Good Gyrrl classes. Ladies learn how to tease their partners with non-verbal communication and a little bump and grind in Tease 101 and 102. The difference between chair and lap dancing are discovered in Lap of Luxury. fABulous, T & A, and Tantra Yoga are just a few of the sensual fitness classes offered. And we dare not leave out the pole training. You can learn the basics and make your partner very happy.

Due to current economic challenges, class rates are recession friendly. Classes begin at $20 for a “drop-in” rate. Four-week classes are $80, and $90 will get you into a six-week session. All classes are held at Mekhaskhen House, 5459 S. Drexel in Hyde Park . A complete list of classes as well as Ms. Johnson’s contact information can also be found at


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