Sometimes I Need to Be Patient

6 May

I am looking for an Adobe Premiere 4 book because I would like to learn how to take edit the videos from my camcorder (which is reeeeaaally nice, by the way).   The help option is available, but visual is better. Currently, I am learning Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 with a visual book which is great and very helpful. 

I have to wonder if God is telling me no to Premiere at this time so I can get a better handle on Photoshop first.  Learning anything new takes time.  Learning alot of things at one time is overwhelming.

K.W., someone I have mad respect for, told me that he was concerned that I was trying to do to much at once.  This was early last month.  I listened but didn’t think anything of it because I felt I had big “s” on my chest.  But the reality is, everything takes time and patience.  And although I still feel like I have a big “s” on my chest, I am going to sit my butt done and be patient!


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