Six Reasons Why You Should Volunteer to Write for AS NOT SEEN ON TV

6 May

American television leaves a lot to be desired on so many levels. No longer is it a source of wholesome entertainment. TV has become the face of moral and social decay; the promoter of stereotypes and racism; and the death of common sense. It also signifies the end of good news and positive messages as we know it. And those are only the basic channels!

Because of all of the negativity and nonsense that flows from TV screens of all sizes, As Not Seen on TV was created. This blog is destined to be the world’s largest online resource promoting positive stories, images and messages. Therefore, volunteer writers are needed to make this happen. Following are six reasons why you should volunteer to write one story per month for As Not Seen on TV.

1. As Not Seen on TV accentuates the positive. Every day we are bombarded with negativity from a variety of sources – work, communities, church, home, and especially the media. As Not Seen on TV will counter all of the negativity with positive stories about people doing great things, events held by giving organizations, and hidden treasures in our community that may not be covered by mainstream media.

2. Build your writing skills and portfolio. If you are a new to writing or think you want to write, you can submit stories to As Not Seen on TV for a test run. All stories are read and edited prior to posting so feedback will be provided. In addition, experienced writers may have a positive story and need a source on which publish. Make As Not Seen on TV your source for these stories. Don’t let your hard work go unread.

3. Keep stories short and simple. Ideally, all stories should be up to 500 words with accompanying photos or videos. However, they can be longer if necessary. Your stories should make the greatest impact with the fewest words possible.

4. Let pictures and videos tell your story. Pictures and videos are just as effective for conveying messages as words. Pull out your camcorder or camera and get to working. Just add a brief statement to explain the images or videos to readers.

5. You need a story; companies and individuals can use free publicity. Writing for AS Not Seen on TV will help establish your credibility as a writer; build your reputations as a reliable source, and grow your network. All you have to do is contact the organization or individual that you’re interested in writing about, and let them know that want to write an article about them, their organization, or their event. If you do a good job and stay in touch, the relationship with the organization or individual will develop. Eventually, their contacts will become your contacts.

6. You will not be a volunteer forever. You are on the ground floor of a blog that will rank within the top ten blogs within the next two years. What this means is that even though you are volunteering as a writer for As Not Seen on TV now, you’ll get paid in the future. Here’s how it works. The more writers I have, the more stories can be posted. More stories will draw more traffic. More traffic gets the attention of advertisers. When they start paying, we’ll get paid.

Above are six reasons why you should volunteer to write one story a month for As Not Seen on TV. Interested persons should contact Marcie Hill, Editor, at


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