Being A Writer Gives You Star Status – Kinda

6 May

Depending on where you are or whose company you are in, telling people that you are a writer kinda gives you star status.  Ok, well for me it does.  Let me share why I think this is so.

Sharing this information sparks immediate conversation.  People want to know what I write;  how long I have been writing; if I’m a student, yada yada yada.  While the reactions are interesting; it’s a little annoying because I don’t like talking about myself.  I like listening to other people because they are bound to give me inspiration for my next story ideas.  Is that selfish?

People always ask if I know how to write grants.  No, but I definitely have to get this under my belt really soon.  Every time someone asks, I see my cash flow increasing exponentially.  Also, a couple people have asked me if I wrote poetry.  No, but it would be great to be able to share stories with a rhythm.  That would put me on an altogether different creative plane.  Hmmmmm…let me work on that.

Anyway, I am working on being a star writer.  In addition to poetry and grants, I am going to add humor writing to my talent pool.  I also feel a  cartoon in my near future.  Of course, all of this won’t happen at the same time.  But when it does, watch out now!

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