Dorothy & Verne Peterson – Married 62 Years and Counting

20 Apr
Dorothy & Verne Peterson

Dorothy & Verne Peterson


It was humbling for me to interview Dorothy and Verne Peterson for my story about couples married 50 years or more. While some media outlets do report such stories, I personally do not feel that enough coverage is given to these topics. So, allow me to introduce the first of many couples married over 50 years you will see on As Not Seen on TV.

Dorothy and Verne Peterson are the proud parents of six children and the grandparents of my friend, Jennifer Lamkin. This young couple is looking forward to 63 years of wedded bliss on October 19th.

Ms. Dorothy shared that she and Mr. Verne had known each other for years, but did not initially connect. Not even as friends. She saw him years later after he retuned from the military, and claimed him as “the one.” They dated for six month prior to getting married. Dating was actually dating in their time. Their activities consisted of visiting friends, going to the movies, and dancing. They both loved to dance. Guess what? Ms. Dorothy had to be home by 9:00 p.m. So, there was no hanky panky or “hooking up.”

What keeps them together? Love; doing everything together; consoling each other; and going to church together. Additionally, they handle disagreements by talking out their issues. Ms. Dorothy said that “if you can’t agree, let it go and forget about it.”

Ms. Dorothy’s advice to couples considering marriage:
• Get to know each other. Don’t just go out for a couple months.
• Know that you cannot change a person.
• Share religion. If you are two different religions, try to combine them.
• Go to church. Family should spend at least one day a week together in church.
• Think twice before you do anything wrong.

There you have it folks. Advice from this young couple married a measly 63 years. If you heed the advice of the Peterson Family, you may find yourself blissfully wedded for over 50 years. Ok, at least in a meaningful relationship that could lead to marriage.


Verne & Dorothy Peterson

Verne & Dorothy Peterson

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