Good Gyrrls Open House Bring Sensuality & Fitness

6 Apr
Good Gyrrls Offers Sensual Fun, Fitness and Relaxation

Good Gyrrls Offers Sensual Fun, Fitness and Relaxation

Dancing. Cooking lessons. Wine tasting. Massages. A spa, right? Not exactly. Good Gyrrls founder Relana Johnson, was sure to incorporate all of these things into a lavish and well-attended open house on March 28. Held at Mekhaskhen House, 5459 S. Drexel in Hyde Park, guests were pampered while they learned to stay fit – and to have fun doing it.

Visitors had the opportunity to watch Chef Ronald Taylor prepare tomato jam and shrimp pesto with linguine before being encouraged to participate in tutorials of techniques such as pole dancing, burlesque techniques and samba. “C’mon ladies,” was the mantra as Good Gyrrl instructors pulled ladies to the floor. Those who only wanted to watch sipped their wine sorbets and sampled Chef Taylor’s creations, all while giggling to dancing demonstrations that were once considered risque.

Focusing on losing inhibitions and being comfortable with personal sexuality, the Good Gyrrls instructors let it all hang out by showing snippets of their classes. Whether it was Kristina teaching the Samba class or Karla teaching breathing techniques for both you and your partner’s pleasure in the Tantra Yoga class, guests learned that you can tone and be sexy!

One instructor reminded us that anything we do as ladies can be sexy. “Let me show how you can make picking up keys sexy,” Shyvone said to the squeals of delighted guests. Shyvone teaches Tease 101 and 102: Gyrrlesque – the GoodGyrrls rendition of burlesque dancing – and yes there are different levels!

Heading to the lower level, ladies were shown that they too were fierce and could learn how to pole dance to prove it! After getting worked up with thoughts of what pole dancing can do to enhance both their figures and love lives, one could relax (or get further worked up – depending on how you look at it) with a massage. My favorite? The menage-a-sage. You guessed it: two men massaging one woman at the same time! Lord have mercy! The Good Fellas massage team of Terrance & Percy delighted in giving special attention to the clients. Michael Sullivan, owner of Toes by Bros, was on hand to give foot massages. Ladies were particularly delighted with the “Blow Job.” Shocked? Relax. The Blow Job simply consisted of a foot massage while Mr. Mike blew on his client’s toes.

Ms. Johnson is really on to something here. Sensual fitness on the south side? Yes honey! See you in class!

Good Gyrrl Instructors Shyvone and Karla demonstrate stretching techniques.

Good Gyrrl Instructors Shyvone and Karla demonstrate stretching techniques designed to enhance the experiences of both you and your partner.

A client is very relaxed enjoying the Good Fellas' menage-a-sage

A very relaxed Marcie enjoys the Good Fellas' menage-a-sage.


3 Responses to “Good Gyrrls Open House Bring Sensuality & Fitness”

  1. shirley April 21, 2009 at 11:23 pm #

    where are you located?

  2. Tasha Clopton-Stubbs May 19, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    Shirley, stay tuned for a follow up story. In the meantime, the location address is in the first paragraph. Thanks so much for reading As NOT Seen on TV! 🙂

    • Marcie May 19, 2009 at 9:06 pm #

      Yes, thanks so much.

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