Bronzeville Community Clubhouse in Chicago

30 Mar
John Cook, Bronzeville Community Clubhouse

John Cook, Bronzeville Community Clubhouse


I would like to introduce the Bronzeville Community Clubhouse (Clubhouse), an elegant establishment gracing Chicago’s Bronzeville community at 3847 S. Giles on the south side, right across the street from Wendell Phillips High School.  I am certain that this cozy spot has not been seen on TV.


Opened in June 2004 by Founder & President, John Cook, the Clubhouse has become a spiritual setting “where people can allow their spirits to be free and have a very enjoyable time.”  Mr. Cook’s initial vision for the Clubhouse was a mentoring facility where “dreams come to life.”  He saw individuals of all ages becoming what they wanted to be in life, and learning what they wanted to learn.  He also envisioned mutual partnerships between people who could help each other materialize their gifts and achieve their goals.


Unbeknownst to Mr. Cook, dreams also began when people entered the Clubhouse and started visualizing their special events.  He never thought that his facility could help develop the level of creativity that springs forth from clients when bringing these dreams to life.  In fact, many of the events “were pleasing to his heart.”  He said that clients leave a blessing behind by leaving a piece of themselves after celebrations.  He is elated when people leave his place of business feeling like they had a real special day and evening with friends and family.


In addition to special events, community events are also held at the Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse sponsors an evening of Jazz, a buffet dinner, and three hours of relaxation from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on every last Thursday of the month. Also, community block clubs meets there regularly.  These block clubs not only build communities; they strengthens families.  Community activities do not end there.  Mr. Cook spoke highly of a partnership with an organization that taught etiquette and social skills, life skills training, and a speech workshop to youth ages 10 years old and up.


As for the future of the Clubhouse, Mr. Cook feels that it will play a vital role as an employment and entrepreneurial resource in the Bronzeville community.  He feels that everyone must be equipped with the skills to get and maintain employment.  Thus, a computer resource program offering training to residents of all ages, resume writing, and training for employment in the service sectors is being planned.  Mr. Cook also sees a sitter service where parents can drop their children off for a couple hours to run errands or just to relax in the near future.


For $25.00 per month or $300 a year, “exclusive club memberships” can be purchased.  Perks and discounts are available to all members.  Visit or call John Cook at  (773) 548-7724  for more information.


As I said earlier, the Bronzeville Community Clubhouse has not been seen on TV.  However, it is open and available for dreams to come true.



2 Responses to “Bronzeville Community Clubhouse in Chicago”

  1. Tennye Z. Clark September 26, 2009 at 11:49 pm #

    It was a pleasure meeting with you Saturday evening. Our conversation was inspiring to hear you speak of your plans. Our African American community(s) is privilidged to have such a visionary person like yourself. May you remain blessed & excerise daily … Walk with the LORD!

    • Marcie September 28, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

      Thanks much. Please continue to visit and share your thoughts.

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