Paula…A Modeling Dentist

2 Dec

This is was written and published in January 2006 for a start-up magazine that never came to pass.  However, this is good for an amateur journalist.


Paula-Modeling Dentist

Paula-Modeling Dentist


God-fearing, beautiful, hardworking, intelligent, determined, and unique are just six characteristics to describe Paula. This 24-year-old aspiring dentist from Nigeria recently stepped out on faith to pursue her dream of becoming a model. While dentistry is her heart, modeling is her soul.


Dentistry piqued her interest when she learned that dentists have the ability to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the oral health of an individual while identifying symptoms of diseases that may affect the overall health of the individual.  Thus, she will enroll in the University of Illinois at Chicago to earn her D.D.S. in dentistry.


Modeling, on the other hand, is her passion. People often approached Paula and asked her if she was a model or for which company did she work (as a model).  The faith of strangers led Paula to believe that she could actually become a model.  It wasn’t until she met Sherard, a model and friend, who encouraged her to pursue her passion, did she act on her belief. His tremendous faith in her success and the lessons he taught her about the many different aspects of modeling inspired her to become the modeling dentist that she is today.


Within the next five years, Paula sees herself as an international model practicing dentistry in the different countries to which she will travel. Her professional goals are to become a general practitioner and have her own private practice, and expand further into Academic, Public Health, and International Health Care Dentistry. Her dream has always been to assist less fortunate individuals by providing them with better smiles and the hope and courage to also become models.



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