Marcie’s Writing Revelation

6 Oct

After going through a week of experiencing a writing “funk”, I have gotten over whatever was bothering me.  I spoke with my writing mentor and she told me “to just write”.  Stop re-visiting and revising articles and write. My friend, Demond, told me that I need to make writing my job, not a secondary activity.

I realize that I try to write very deep, eye-opening topic – which is OK.  But they are not getting me the cashflow I need to move forward in my writing career.  My mentor advised having multiple projects at one time.  So, I am going to do that.  I have set a goal of at least 3 published articles per week.  I’m sure other projects will come in.  However, they will be strictly secondary. 

I signed up for an ezine article account and will share my expertise as a blogger, roller skater, and photographer.  While I am a fairly news in all of these endeavors, I will become better as a writer and practitioner of these endeavors. 

Well, I have to go now.  There is writing to do.


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