Marcie’s Growth Spurt

19 Sep

I am currently working with a nonprofit organization on a fundraiser, and I’m moving into new ventures. My accomplishments include

  • A press release which was declared “perfect” by Julia McEvoy of Chicago Public Radio
  • I sent the announcement to several media sources and it was published on CAN-TV, Chicago Public Radio, Independent Bulletin Newspaper, WGN Radio.  This was great for a first attempt.
  • A fundraising letter that I recreated for the event
  • Short speeches for the young people.  I will be using my Toastmasters training to help these young people do the best that they can
  • Contact with Ben One’s media representative
  • I contacted Ebony and WGCI for donations for the event, but our request was too short notice

In addition to the above experiences, I am learning MORE patience, I am going with the flow, and I am determined not let the actions and attitudes of others get on my nerves.  A lot can be accomplished with willing cooperation and one person to vent to about what’s not right.

I also learened that you never know what you are capable of doing until the opportunity sneaks up on you.  Also, you will really grow when working with young people.  You know what’s in you, but working with youngsters will really bring out what’s in you.  Growth is good.


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