The Longshots Movie Coming Out on August 22 2008

5 Aug
During my interview with KeKe Palmer in June, I learned about a movie, The Longshots, which she is starring in with Ice Cube that is scheduled for release on August 22, 2008.  According to KeKe, “The movie, Long Shots, is about a 15-year-old young girl from Harvey, IL, Jasmine Plummer.  Plummer was the quarterback of the Harvey Colts, a junior football league.  She was the only female to play quarterback in the 56 year history of the Annual Pop Warner Tournament.  She was also a team leader.  She was also a linebacker.”
After my conversation with KeKe, I researched The Longshots and the Harvey Colts.  I also emailed to Nick Santora, the producer of the movie. 

While researching the Harvey Colts, I didn’t find much on Jasmine Plummer.  However, I did email PR rep and suggested that they update the site ASAP.  I am almost certain that the site is going to receive lots of hits with the popularity of this movie.  By the way, Harvey is a south suburb of my hometown of Chicago.

I was able to speak with Jasmine Plummer’s uncle, Fred.  His character is played by Ice Cube in the movie.  He gave me permission to interview Jasmine; however, I am still waiting for him to get back to me to schedule an interview.

Additionally, I read an article on Rap Basement that producer Nick Santora shared that Jasmine Plummer’s story was “a tough sell” because the lead was about a young African American girl.  I asked him why he was so adamant about this story.  Below is his response.  And yes, he responded himself, which gave put him high on my real cool list.

Response Received on July 10, 2008


I’m not sure if I emailed you back — I was adamant to tell Jasmine’s story because I love telling stories and I knew I could develop a great one inspired by her story.  

The movie hits theatres on August 22nd … please go see it!


Nick Santora

I shared this story for 2 reasons:

1.       To show the amount of work that I put into my projects.  I try to persevere through the end although sometimes I feel like giving up.  So, if you ever wonder why I charge the rates for my services that I do, please know that I don’t do shoddy work, and I put my whole self into what I do.

2.       To let you know that ou can find out anything you want with a little research and a whole lotta phone calls.  Some information takes longer to obtain than others, but you can get it.





One Response to “The Longshots Movie Coming Out on August 22 2008”

  1. Joe Plummer August 17, 2008 at 1:52 pm #

    I am Jasmine’s grandfather and she is accessible for inteviews.Just e-mail me or call me and we can make it happen a s a p.

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